A drone crash, a lost tooth and a live concert! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 115

As Dillon is paddle boarding back to Delos one night there is a bit of a mishap and he knocks his tooth out! We do a night diving mission to try and find it… but to no avail. As you can imagine, he must’ve given his mouth a good whack if he ended up knocking his tooth out, which is definitely what happened. I remember squirming when it happened because I just had an awful idea about how painful it would be. Although, what I will say is that he was lucky that he only knocked out one tooth, as it could’ve been a lot worse.

I’m not sure what he’s going to do about his lost tooth. He hasn’t mentioned either way if he is just going to leave it as it is, or if he is going to see his dentist at the earliest convenience. If it was me, I would be straight to the dentist trying to get it sorted. In fact, I would even consider getting something like a smile makeover, as if you weren’t aware (like I wasn’t initially) that a smile makeover addresses majority of appearance issues, and if you had a lost tooth or other dental issues that you were conscious about, this would be a good way to achieve a smile that you are proud of. Of course, I will support Dillon either way though.

After his paddle boarding accident, I do have to say that I am a bit nervous about getting back on the board in case the same thing happens to me, but this is just a fear that I will have to get over. That wasn’t the end of our action-packed day though, as then, in a random connection, we end up going to see the epic GoodLuck Live Band at a local resort! After the concert we start sailing south and decide to give our new splash drone a shot…uh oh!

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00:33 – Ramukanji by OneTox
2:02 – Call to Adventure by Kevin MacLeod ( http://incompetec.com )
6:47 – Good Luck Live ( http://goodlucklive.com )
10:11 & 20:08 – Taking it Easy by Good Luck ( http://goodlucklive.com )