DJ Delos Live from Cocos Keeling!- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 84

Living life to it’s fullest on Cocos Keeling! The girls head over to West Island for a girls day, while the boys go on a man’s fishing and spear diving mission. The girls then get to do a guest host appearance on Cocos Keeling radio while the boys have a mans night listening in and calling in requests from the island phone. Great times and parties for all!


0:00 Ramukanji- Onetox
1:20 Mountain Sun- Audionautix YouTube Audio Library
3:35 Skunk- Savi Fernandez Band
5:19 Dog And Pony Show- Silent Partner
6:07 Why Do We- Savi Fernandez Band
6:37 Fields Of Ohio- Anti Saloon
8:33 Extention Level Event- Jingle Punks YouTube Audio Library
9:32 Butchers- Silent Partner- YouTube Audio Library
10:08 Smiles For Miles- Silent Partner- YouTube Audio Library
10:47 Stepping Out- Ryan Kidwell
11:53 Didge Daze- Chiba
12:47 Morning Stroll- John Kirsch
13:48 Sun’s Rise- Silent Partner
15:06 Beach Disco- Dougie Wood- YouTube Audio Library
16:04 Double Down- Silent Partner- YouTube Audio Library
16:45 Afrola- Bird Creek
18:40 Skipping In The Non Standing Zone- Peter Gresser
19:17 Standing Here- Silent Partner- YouTube Audio Library
20:07 Back To The Wood- Audionautix
22:04 Stepping Out(Feat Choc Stix)- Ryan Kidwell