DAY IN THE LIFE- Our 56th day of ISOLATION on a SAILBOAT! – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 276

Join us for a typical day of our self isolation on our 53 foot sailboat home! It just so happens to be our 56th day of being away from civilization in this uninhabited island paradise. We wake up, do some normal stuff like eat and all that, but then Brian decides to use our excess solar power by brewing up a batch of moonshine. He also wires up our power inverter so we can run the laundry off the solar and batteries and save even more diesel fuel. After our daily chores are done I head into the island for a walk and Brian goes spear fishing to catch us some dinner, which turns out to be a conch and grouper chowder. YUMMY!!! Life is simple but good out here for our little family.

Hope you enjoy this peak into our lives living on a boat in isolation. If you like the chance to come sailing with us in the future Join us on LOVE, Kazza, Brian and The Little Nugget

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