Cruising Coron- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 45

We leave the big city of Manila behind and set sail for Coron, Palawan, Philippines! Along the way we stop at Apo Reef for some snorkeling and diving, then a random African animal safari park on Caluit Island. We end up chilling in Coron for a few weeks diving the sunken Japanese WWII wrecks. Life is good!

Onetox – Ramaukanji 00:01…
Robbero- Endless Night 1:18
Rambling Librarian- I have often told you stories 4:24
Krakatoa- Diwali Charlie- 7:09
Huma-Huma – Not Too Cray- 10:30 Youtube Audio Library
Albis- Juicy- 13:23 Youtube Audio Library
Max Noremo- MansKraft- 16:33
Phoebe Leyten- Sensations Jam- 20:43-