Boat Work to BIG WAVES 🌊 One HELLUVA Shakedown Sail! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 410

After months of blood, sweat, and tears in the boat yard, splash day had finally arrived! We had done an overhaul on almost every major system on board, so as excited as we were to get back in the water, there was a LOT that could go wrong. But despite some of the doubts, we were beyond stoked to cast the lines and begin our sail south towards La Paz where we would eventually depart on our crossing of the Pacific Ocean.

This is one of my favorite parts at the start of every cruise when we’ve got all of our paper work done, the boat is fully provisioned and fully fuelled, and we just set out without really having a destination, just a general direction. There’s something incredibly liberating and freeing about that…we can go anywhere we want, and we have everything we need. With this beautiful feeling in our hearts and sunny skies over our heads, we waved goodbye to Puerto Penasco. But the wind and swell would build over the next days, and we would find ourselves on one helluva wild ride as we blasted our way South!


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