Boat Work In Exotic Places- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 56

Karin and Brian head to the awesome city of Bangkok! Their mission is to get their Indian Visa’s sorted out. Along the way they visit temples, eat local foods, and explore the streets. When they return to Phuket it’s back to work on Delos fixing some electrical motors, the water maker, air conditioning, and even making a larger bed for soon to arrive crew!

Music For Boat Work In Exotic Places!
00:01 – Ramukanji by OneTox (… )
01:49 – Delos Theme by Dave Stephens (
3:30 – We got time by Max Noremo (
06:31 – Valsinha (cdk Like Me Mix) (ft. Gerador Zero) by CDK (
09:49 – Caribbean by Tatono (
11:33 – Delos Theme by Dave Stephens (
12:42 – My Baby by Savi Fernandez Band (
14:50 – Spanish Summer by Audionautix (YouTube Audio Library)
15:26 – Sophmore Makeout (YouTube Audio Library)
17:12 – Easy Jam by Kevin McCleod (YouTube Audio Library)
21:15 – Flying High by Phoebe Leyten (