BOAT WORK – Are We Crazy To Think We Can Do This??? Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 407

We’re starting to wonder if we’ve bitten off more than we can chew 😬  Haul outs are always a struggle, so we really shouldn’t be suprised at this point that everything always takes way longer and turns out to be more difficult than planned. We had our trip booked to Sweden already to visit Kazza’s family, and we wanted to get as much done as possible while Ryan was still there to help, so with the clock ticking we put our heads down and went for it (with of course a few minor moments of distraction when a dune buggy was calling my name…)


But ready or not, we make the long journey to Sweden which was soooo amazing. We didn’t film a whole lot while we were there because we wanted to take the time to focus on family and have a much needed break from filming and sharing everything all the time, but it was truly a special trip for us. Sierra absolutely loved getting in some quality time with Mormor, seeing snow for the first time, and just generally having time and space to run around and explore. We were able to really recharge our batteries, which was great because we still had a lottttt of boat work waiting for us when we returned to Mexico!


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