ALL ALONE on This Island | Scuba Diving Dry Tortugas | Sailing Vessel Delos Ep 326

There’s nothing quite like realizing you’re the only souls on an entire island! In this episode we continue our exploration of the magical and remote dry tortugas. After a great nights sleep Kazza decides to take the paddle board out for a spin in the calm and sunny conditions and paddles right over a nurse shark. The shark isn’t spooked at all and she gets some great shots of it swimming under her. After taking care of our daily boat chores, like cleaning the bottom, we decide to go breath underwater and take Maggie out to the Wind Jammer Wreck. It’s an amazing experience to scuba dive such a huge sailboat from the era of working cargo sailing ships. The visibility is AMAZING and we’re surrounded by barracudas, schools of fish, and some incredibly healthy coral! After our dive we take Maggie out to Loggerhead Key and find ourselves completely along with the entire island, lighthouse, and beach to ourselves. The Little Nugs is in her element and absolutely loves exploring the beach while we take turns snorkeling. The weather takes a shift and we batten down the hatches for a 3 day blow where the winds are hitting 30 knots. We sit good and comfortable after moving Delos to a more protected spot. Finally, Brian goes on a night time-lapse mission and gets some incredible shots of the stars rotating behind Fort Jefferson!

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