The Abandoned Village Of Chagos- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 89

The crew goes on a fishing expedition to the south end of Saloman Atoll in the remote Chagos archipelago and discovers an abandoned village vacated by the Chagosians over 50 years ago. Even though the village has an eerie vibe to it the chance to explore such an amazing place is just too much to pass up. We move Delos from our anchorage at Fuequet Island to Baddam Island to begin our exploration. In one of the abandoned ruined houses we find an old DVD disc, laying in the dirt, that details the history of the Chagosian people and how they were forcibly removed from their home and exiled from their islands. It’s a crazy, crazy story….. There are lot’s of abandoned buildings, camps, rubbish, and of course massive Coconut Crabs running around. During our time at Baddam the BIOT patrol boat shows up and invites us over for a BBQ on their massive ship. We have a hell of a party and end up spending the night. Good times were had by all!

0:00 Ramukanji (Remix)- Onetox
1:20 Hoedown- Audionautix
3:56 As I Figure- Kevin MacLeod
7:37 Isolated- Keving MacLeod
9:05 Let Go-
11:26 The Beginning of Something Beautiful-
12:48 Max Noremo- Alpha
13:30 Max Noremo- Chagos
16:44 Stepping Out- ryan Kidwell
18:20 Taking It Easy- Good Luck
21:15 The Vision – Good Luck