Delos 2.0

For the past 8 years we’ve sailed the world, dedicated to capturing and sharing the amazing beauty of this small marble we call home!  We’ve witnessed first hand the elegance of nature at work, and also the impact humanity has had on our land and oceans.  Our goal is to produce high quality, entertaining, and educational videos that help us understand the most exotic and fragile ecosystems on the planet.

To accomplish this we will build Delos 2.0, an expeditionary style sailboat capable of traversing all corners of the globe! She will emphasize alternative energy sources, hybrid-electric drives, and be designed from the ground up to be the ultimate filming platform, both above and below the water.  The information on this page has  specific details on our quest to build the ultimate sailing and filming machine!

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We are looking to build a rugged expeditionary style cruising yacht capable of both tropical and high latitude cruising.  The focus will be exploring remote corners of the earth for extended periods of time.  We tend to stay away from marinas so self sufficiency is important to us.  We enjoy exploring rivers, reefs, and poorly charted water so a lifting\swing keel is something to explore for us.  We also do a lot of diving so the design will need to incorporate easy access to the water as well as a shop\garage for compressor and dive equipment.  We would like to take the experience and knowledge from sailing Delos (Amel Super Maramu 53) and incorporate this into a more modern hull design.  A good protected helm and cockpit area is a must for us.  The approximate type of sailing will be 75% tradewinds/tropics, 15% moderate latitudes, 10% high latitude. 

When considering the design we want to experiment with new technologies and ideas that others may not in a traditional build.  We plan on seriously considering hybrid diesel-electric power combinations, large battery banks, DC only generators, and a big solar array.  The yacht should stress functionality and purpose over luxury.

Our intention is to film the creation of this yacht (Delos 2.0) and show the design, construction, and fitting out from inception to launch.  We will then sail her around the world as a filming platform to continue our project.  

Basic Criteria-

  • LOA- 60-70 ft (monohull)
  • Beam- As much as possible without negative characteristics, beam carried far aft.
  • Draft- 1 to 1.5 meters (swing/lifting keel)
  • Hull- Unpainted Aluminum, GRP, or composite
  • Fuel- Self-sufficient for 3-5 months at a time.
  • Cabins- We typically sail with 4 people, but on occasions may need berths for 9-10
  • Rig- Cutter or Ketch
  • Rudder- Twin rudder or kick-up rudder allowing for shoal draft

If you have any information on yacht design, construction, or any existing yachts you think we would be interested in please email us at [email protected].