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Sailing Around The World

This is a story of living your life in an alternate way, in close connection with our amazing planet and the beautiful people that live on her. Our experiences sailing and blogging about our travels have affected us so profoundly we wanted to share them, in hopes that you may find inspiration to follow your dreams and do what you love most.

How’d Delos Start?

All About The Boat

Delos is a 53 foot Amel Super Maramu. She provides us food and shelter, can turn salt water into fresh water, sun and wind into energy, and travel for months on end without visiting a dock.
She’s seen over 100,000 nautical miles, been knocked down repeatedly in rough seas a thousand miles from shore, yet she keeps us safe.
We take good care of her and, in return, she lets us call her home.

Meet Delos!



We are incredibly thankful for The Tribe. We wouldn’t be able to do this without the support and the generosity of kindred spirits. JOIN US and help Delos continue to inspire people around the world to live life in pursuit of their dreams!

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