Internet At Sea! Viasat Maritime 3 Year Full Review 📡 Sailing Vessel Delos

How do we get internet at sea? This is a full review of the Viasat Maratime Internet system, a true high class of service broadband solution. In this video we cover:


1) Equipment Installation

2) Actual upload, download speeds and latency measured

3) Performance in real sailing conditions

4) Reliability over 3 years of use

5) Availability and Cost


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00:00 The Installation.

04:45 How fast is the system in reality? What are the actual download and upload speeds? What is the latency?

05:56 Is it possible for you to upload raw uncompressed video files?

06:06 Would this system be suitable to use all day with sufficient bandwidth for productivity apps?

06:35 Is the speed consistent across different locations or does it vary?

07:17 How do weather and rain affect the system?

08:40 Can you reliably do Zoom or Skype? How about YouTube Live?

09:18 What applications and services work well? What don’t work well?

09:34 Have you remotely tried to control and land based computers remotely?

10:11 What kind of a delay is there during a Zoom meeting?

10:53 How does the device handle buffering?

11:31 How much power does it consume?

13:05 Do you have a static or dynamic IP address?

13:45 Is there a carrier grade NAT in place?

14:24 How is the reception and loss of signal? Any restrictions by country?

15:27 Is your connection up 24/7 or only as needed.

16:03 Has it been reliable?

16:40 How is the system holding up in the salty air?

17:33 Can you run a packet loss and jitter test?

17:43 How much motion can it handle without cutting out?

18:35 Is there any difference with signal on passage vs anchored vs moored.

18:51 How heavy is it? Are you worried about it ripping off the back arch?

19:55 What are some negatives and positives from a family time standpoint?

21:09 Have you noticed crew spending more time on shoes or watching movies than in the past?

22:52 Do you still use and local WiFi or SIM cards?

23:53 Will you give up or keep the Iridium Go and Marine Single Side Band Radio?

24:37 How plug and play was the installation?

25:26 Does ViaSat plan on making smaller systems for smaller boats?

26:37 How much does ViaSat Maritime Internet cost?