Brands We Love


Brands We Love

These awesome companies help us out, with no strings attached! Show them some lovin!

Sails, Sailing Hardware, and Boat Project Supplies!

We’re super happy to announce our partnership with Total Boat!  They’re our go-to source for epoxy, paint, and just about anything else you need to get that project sorted.   Plus, if you use our special affiliate link it will knock 5% off for you and we git a little love into our Beer Fund as well!  The team is super friendly and very passionate about boating so give them a shout before you kick off your next project so just head on over to TotalBoat and grab what you need!




When looking for a new sail maker we couldn’t have found a better group to partner with for our ongoing sail replacement project.

Precision Sails Logo

Precision Sails is based in beautiful Victoria British Columbia Canada where they sail year round in one of the world’s most amazing sailing areas. The team at Precision Sails is dedicated to educating and consulting sailors around the world to ensure that all their designs are exceptional and deliver world class performance, shape retention and durability. Today’s technology allows Precision Sails to connect with sailors where-ever the winds may take them.

To support SV Delos’ Charities, Precision Sails will make a donation for each quote requested by the SV Delos Tribe. (Full Details TBA) Follow the link below and request a quote to get started on your new Precision Sails’ custom designed sails!

Request A Quote
Precision Sails Website

If you’ve noticed the sexy new blocks on Delos then you are a true sailor with a sharp eye!  We’re so stoked to be working together with Rutgerson Marine to upgrade Delos’s deck hardware!  Rutgerson Marine is a family run business,  based in Sweden, and have been designing and manufacturing some of the finest marine hardware in the business for over 40 years.  This is our kind of business to partner with 🙂

Rutgerson Website




Offshore Fishing

One of the things we lacked when setting off on this trip was good, serious offshore fishing gear.  We troll when sailing, and often when a fish hooks up Delos is sailing downwind at good speed.  When you hook up a big fish it’s just not possible to slow the boat down in time before all your line runs off the spool. Then CRACK!  The line snaps and all is lost.  It took a few years to refine our technique but we believe that solid, well built hand lines are the way to go.  Just get that fish planing and pull in like crazy and you’ll land em on deck.  It’s not sport fishing, but if you are hungry at sea it’s the way to go!  We’ve found the handlines from WaayCool to be excellent and well constructed to take years of abuse and land you many delicious dinners.  Please be sure to check ’em out, and tell Mark that SV Delos sent you! 

Solar Panels, Batteries and Navigation Electronics

If you’re looking to improve your solar game be sure to check out Sun Powered Yachts!  We’ve had a few of their flexible solar panels on Delos this season and not only can you mount them anywhere, but they are very light weight and crank out the power!  Be sure to check out their 170W and 110W panels which are the ones we installed on Delos.   Be sure to use the discount code “SVDELOS” at checkout for a discount!


Lithium batteries are the future, and the future is here NOW!  If you saw our video on switching to Lithium Batteries then you know what we’re talking about!  If you are in in the market please take a look at Battle Born batteries, in the US, Canada, and most other countries.  If you are in Europe visit Transporter Energy .  These batteries have survived the torture test on Delos, which is no easy feat!  If you do end up purchasing the batteries, just tell them “Delos sent me!” and we’ll get a cheeky little kick-back into ye’ ole’ beer fund 🙂
Battle Born Batteries are made in Reno, Nevada – the Battle Born State. Our batteries are the height of lithium ion technology. We only use LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) in our packs, this is the safest and most reliable chemistry of lithium ion available.  They outperform and outlast all other batteries in their class and below their class (lookin’ at you, lead acid batteries). The best part? They’re easy on the planet and your wallet.

Green energy is not a trend to us. It’s not a marketing ploy to exploit for sales. We make our renewable, sustainable green energy batteries because they’re simply better than anything else out there, including other green batteries.

Compare the specs on our batteries to that grungy, lead acid one in your vehicle and it’s easy to see. Our batteries weigh less, last for more cycles, and they’re made from 100% safe, non toxic, renewable energy that can be charged and discharged over and over again (at a faster rate than any other battery). Not to mention the unbeatable price.
transporter energy logo

Welcome to the future of LiFeP04 Lithium Batteries!! Delos is now 100% powered by Lithium Batteries thanks to our friends at Transporter Energy ( They hooked us up with a really sweet Lithium bank, complete Victron battery management system, and charging system as well. To top things off we’ve gotten rid of LPG onboard and are now running an induction cooktop and electric BBQ. No more searching out and filling dubious propane for Cap’n Breeywan!!! YEAH!!! This will allow Delos to make full use of the sun and wind and allow us to spend even more time off the grid :).

Be sure to check out their sweet new website with an entire section dedicated to Lithium cells onboard boats. So check it out and be sure to let ‘em know Delos sent you!

Transporter Energy Website

maretron logo

We put a lot of miles on and after years of bouncing between and combining various systems, Maretron offered to hook us up with a sweet deal on some gear. If you’re a serious sailor(ette) and you’re in the market, they’re worth a visit for sure! They have some amazing nav instruments and monitoring systems. So clean and so accurate!

Maretron Website                        

Weather Routing and Navigation

B & G Sailing

If you’re looking for a new radar, chart plotter, or sailing instrumentation check out B & G Sailing! We’ve used the new HALO 20+ Radar on Delos to navigate among islands, canals, and the open ocean.  Coupled with a Zeus 3S 9 display it provides an incredibly detailed display with target tracking, chart overlay, and even alarms and guard zones.  We consider it our “extra crew” when on long passages!

Check out our full install video on the system!

YouTube player


predictwind logo


With the amount of time we spend crossing oceans, getting surprised by bad weather can turn a relaxing passage into a scary one. We have used the PredictWind service for several years now, and have nothing but good things to say. If you haven’t seen it in action, check out our Avoiding Bad Weather video that we made for our Patrons in the Extras section of the site. And go give our friends at PredictWind a visit!

PredictWind Website

Antifouling Systems

We installed the Sonihull system from NRG Marine on Delos during our last haul out and since have noticed a great reduction in hard barnacles on both the hull, keel, and propellor.  It’s a very cool technology!  If you’re looking to boost the life of your old paint or use the Ultrasonic system in conjunction with a new paint definitely give the guys at NRGMarine a shout and tell them Delos sent you.

Sonihull Website

Be sure to enter “svdelos25” for a special Delos Discount at checkout!





We installed SeaSpeed VX 10 during our last haul out on Delos.  You can see the application in video at video….. and the results after a few months of use at …..  If you are up to cleaning your bottom regularly in high growth areas, this paint just might be a long life, non-toxic alternative to a traditional copper antifoul!

SeaCoat Website

The latest addition to our Eco-Friendly hull cleaning solution! The Remora Solo is a neutrally buoyant underwater hull cleaner. It is small and compact for easy storage. It has a series of brushes you can attach that will remove anything from slime to barnacles!  The best part???  They have designed the brushes with an impeller so it sucks itself onto the hull.  This makes cleaning super easy and effective!  Make sure to check them out and tell em Delos sent you!

Remora Marine Website

Feathering Propellers

Delos has had an AutoProp H6 from Bruntons Propellers on since the beginning of the trip.  It’s a pretty sweet prop that will give you awesome ability to back up, move forward powerfully at a low RPC, and reduces drag by feathering the blades sideways when sailing.  It’s a very simple, bulletproof design that really works.  Exactly what you want out of a propeller!

Bruntons Website

Camera Gear

Never would we have dreamed that The Delos Project would someday be supported by GoPro, but sure enough, the awesome peeps over there let us put together a pretty sweet wish list for new upgrades every once in a while! 🙂 From 10,000 feet up or 150 feet down, our gear keeps working – and you know we put it through hell haha! Seriously if you’re looking for an action cam, a portable night lapse cam, a snorkeling or diving cam…GoPro will fit your lifestyle! Sssshhek ’em out Tribe!

GoPro Official Website                        

Scuba Diving Gear


mares scuba logo

We live to dive, and with the compressor on board, we do A LOT of it! After almost 10 years of cruising, we’ve used Mares gear the entire time! The team at Mares took notice and airdropped a sweet care package full of several sets of awesome gear to take care of us and keep us safe. We stand behind this brand for sure!

Mares Website                        

Must Have Tools

If you’re gonna buy a drill… Well you might as well buy one that can drill underwater right?  And if you’re asking yourself why you might need to use a drill underwater, perhaps ask yourself why you wouldn’t need to drill something underwater 🙂  Seriously this is a tough drill that can stand up to the roughest conditions you’ll see onboard.  And it doesn’t matter it it gets wet!  Think of the possibilities, you can clean your hull with a brush attachment, or simply bolt in your spare dinghy prop and go for a ride 🙂 .

Nemo Power Tools

Must Have Toys
louboard logo

SoFlow – LOU 3.0 Electric Skateboards

Electric travel is the way of the future! We first heard about the team at SoFlow a few years ago with their innovative forms of transport. We got our hands on one of the new electric skateboards and can’t believe how awesome it is! This beast can go 20 Mph and cover about 12 miles on a single charge! Señor Brady hasn’t even hurt himself yet 😉 This addition to Delos is perfect for running to the shop, going for a cruise, or having an alternative to catching taxis! The best part is its small enough to travel with and carry onto planes….Seriously, whether you’re on a sailboat or not check these things out. They reached out to us after we’ve tried and fell in love with the LOU 3.0, and have offered to spread some love to the Delos Tribe by offering 10% off!!

If you want to get your hands on one, head to the links below and use the coupon code SVDelos10LOU

LOU 3.0 Website
SoFlow’s Other Products                        


kicker marine audio logo

Kicker Audio

Sometimes you just want to drop anchor, get naked and turn the music up! Thanks toKicker, Delos can host a good little soiree on any given Friday feista… or Monday meltdown. Seriously top notch stuff with great audio quality. We use their bluetooth headphones for editing and bluetooth ‘bullfrog’ portable speakers for partying!

Kicker Website                        


Not having rum on a sailboat is like not having oxygen in the space station…  Well maybe not that extreme but it’s pretty damn important.   After many miles under the keel of Delos, we have come to realize how tough it is to provision for thirsty sailors.  Some places you can’t find spirits and others are so expensive you can’t afford it. Well, never again should any sailor run low on rum, or any spirit for that matter.  Actually, even if you live in a house you should never run low again!  Still Spirits has perfected and simplified the process of home distillation with their range of amazing stills and flavors.  With deliciousness like Irish Cream, Butterscotch Schnapps, and Coconut Rum and classics like Scotch, Whiskey, Vodka and Gin, you will never feel like your bar is missing something!  Seriously, check them out and see for yourself how easy it actually is!                        

Sweet Shades!


turt sunglasses logo

Turt Sunglasses

Sea turtles have a rough go of it man! We joined up with Turt to save our eyes while supporting a good cause that’s helping out the little guys. Travis over at Turt is saving baby sea turtles, one pair of sunglasses at a time. Visit his website to learn more!

Turt Website                        

norton point logo

Norton Point

Years and years at sea, especially cruising through the South Pacific – you really see a lot of the negative impact we humans are having on our oceans. Once pristine beaches now covered in plastic and garbage. Norton Point sources their materials for their sunglasses from ocean plastic, and reinvests some of their profits into r & d for more sustainable practices. Swing through!

Norton Point Website                        

Maggie the Super Dinghy


Ocean Craft tenders are the toughest, most comfortable, driest tenders we have come across.  They are multi-purpose adventure dinghies and make an amazing yacht tender.  The entire boat is made from marine grade aluminum and can easily withstand rocky beaches or reef no problem. Ocean Craft tenders are a unique breed.  Half RIB and half “tinnie” they are a one of a kind marvel. The pneumatic pontoons are pressurized creating even more buoyancy and stability.  Ocean Craft can make you a tender ranging from 2.6 to 4 meters.  They can even be made with the genius foam a-float wrap around fender providing not only fender like protection but when flipped vertical they provide extra spray guard or a soft pad for deck storage.

Check out what we think of em!

Healthy Mind and Body

Medical and Recreational Cannabis

It’s no secret that cannabis has been healing people for 1000’s of years.  To be honest, its ridiculous a beautiful, healing plant was made illegal in the first place. But, we’re not gonna get into that! 🙂 We’re so stoked and grateful to be part of the KYND family.  These guys are saving lives and on the forefront of the cannabis industry.  A few years ago, Brady and Brian’s mom was diagnosed with early Parkinsons.  She has been on and off about 5-10 medications sense. After a month of taking high quality CBD oil her symptoms have improved dramatically and the side effects from all the prescription drugs have decreased.  Whenever we travel to a state where cannabis is legal we are sure to stop in and say hi hopefully you will do the same!

MARIJUANA CONSUMPTION IS FOR PERSONS 21 YEARS OR OLDER.  – learn about strains and uses – check out the dispensaries


divine health


Although good ol’ scurvy is pretty rare these days it can sometimes be a challenge to keep up good health while living aboard a sailboat in far off destinations. Fresh veggies don’t last long and sometimes countries have nothing but plastic-wrapped processed nastiness.  And what about that amazing water maker?  Well, as great as it is at removing salt and the bad stuff it also does a great job removing the good minerals that our bodies normally get from natural drinking water.  Life is all about balance; we may indulge in alcoholic goodness, not have fresh veggies and have mineral deficient water but we give back to our bodies by drinking GreenSupreme by Divine Health.  This stuff is pretty awesome!  They take over 25 organic fruits and berries and vegetables, juice them, then turn that juice into a crazy nutrient rich green powder!  Divine Health also has a big range of vitamins and other healthy goodness to keep the crew healthy!  Check ’em out!                                         (407) 732-6952