Where’s my Friday Video?!?!? By Capt. Brian

Dear Delos Tribe! It’s a sunny, beautiful morning here on Delos. We’re currently in the incredible city of San Juan, Puerto Rico soaking up the atmosphere and getting Delos ready for our next sail to the Bahamas.

We plan to leave tomorrow but we’re not sure if it’s possible because our jib furler started making a terrible grinding noise on the sail here. I tore it apart and found that the top seal has gone bad, letting water into the gearbox and electric motor. The motor rusted to bits and the grease turned into a white chalky like substance. The bearings were wobbly and nearly seized. But I do think it’s salvageable. We spent the last week cleaning, stripping, chasing down parts, and rebuilding the electric motor.  I had to order metric seals from the mainland US and now the gearbox is smooth as butter and looking pretty thanks to Mr. Brady’s paint job. The entire crew has been pitching in and lending their hand to the effort. Progress is being made on the to-do boat work list and hopefully if all goes well we will be back in business and ready to sail by tomorrow, but you never really know until you cast off the dock lines and head out.

But that’s not really the reason why I wanted to sit down this morning and write this. It has more to do with what may be on your mind- “Where’s my Friday Delos video?” Well, I that’s a great question and I’ll do my best to explain. Sharing this lifestyle is something we’re very passionate about. You’ve made it possible for us to continue this project, and sharing the experience of sailing around the world. You’ve given us so much support and love in return for making the videos, so much in fact it’s left us feeling very humbled and so grateful for the entire experience. You welcomed us into your hearts and homes and made us a part of your weekend ritual, for which we feel very blessed.

We started making the videos a few years ago, and what a wild ride it’s been! We began by literally googling “How to edit a video?” and learned as we went. We bought new cameras, drones, and upgraded our editing game. All of it made possible by your support. We found a niche in a genre of video that barely existed before and are really proud to be one of the first out there to create and share this type of content.  And now we’re approaching 100,000,000 views which is truly astounding!!!! Can you believe that? ONE-HUNDRED-MILLION!!! Truly remarkable for a bunch of sailors with a video editing problem.

But as with most things in life there are two sides to everything, and the other side of this coin is the effort and time required to make the type of videos we want. We’re really not interested in playing the “YouTube Game”. If you’re not sure what this is let me fill you in a little bit. Pump out a lot of videos, get as many people to click using whatever means necessary (catchy titles, risqué thumbnails, etc.). Try to turn those viewers into subscribers and ask them to like and comment on your videos.  Keep your videos short, optimize for mobile. The more views you get, the more ads YouTube can show, and therefore the more money they can make, which means your video is more likely to get promoted as a coveted YouTube recommended video, which brings you more viewers (hopefully) and the cycle starts over all again. Of course there are MANY, MANY more factors including engagement and view duration so this is the overly simplified description. In general the more videos you release, the more views you get, and the more your channel grows. I think it’s safe to say the longer format videos we like to make are not optimized for the YouTube algorithm.

Each and every Friday for the past few years we’ve done our best to release a video like clockwork.  It became our ritual, and from some of the comments and messages we receive it has become a part of your ritual as well. Just the thought that you’ve watched our videos during a break at work, or on a cozy Saturday morning at home really inspires us to continue doing what we’re doing.

But there is a cost for everything, and the cost in this case is the time required to make the type of videos we want.  We want to make quality content with good stories, and continue to evolve our filming and editing skills. We want to make videos that you are proud to sit down and watch as a family, or share with a friend. We don’t want to make a standard “YouTube Game” video.

Lately we’ve felt that that we need to make a tough decision. Sailing and living on a sailboat is an incredible lifestyle, but it is also an incredible amount of work all on its own. If you’ve ever owned a boat and prepared it to set sail you know exactly what I mean. If you haven’t then take it from someone that knows first hand a boat can and will take all the energy you put into her. Add to this the filming and editing component and you find your days filled. Please don’t misunderstand this as a complaint, because it’s something that we feel very passionate about continuing to do. It’s just a pure realization I think we’ve all been feeling over the past months. At what point do you draw the line? I think it’s when you have the realization that you should be out exploring and living life to the fullest, but instead you find yourself in front of the computer, which to me sort of defeats the purpose you had in the first place. We’ve found it’s no longer possible for us to keep up with the pace of editing videos and do this lifestyle justice. So we need to make a conscience decision. It’s the age-old argument of quality vs. quantity. The idea of finding balance in life. So for now we’ve decided to stay focused on what we love. Even if it means releasing less videos.

I want to be very clear on this point- We have no intention of stopping the videos!  Our intention is to continue to grow and evolve our style, and at the same time try to give you the truest glimpse into what sailing around the world is all about from our point of view. There is so much love and excitement on Delos right now. Karin and I are flying back to Sweden in just a few weeks to have a daughter, which is the beginning of a whole new adventure!! Brady and Alex are going to put some miles under Delos’s keel and sail her to Europe, where we’ll all meet up when the timing feels right, slap a “Baby on Board” sticker on the stern, and do our best to show you what it’s like to have a little sailor onboard.

There may be some months where we release a video every week, there may be others where we skip a week, there may be periods where we don’t release a video at all. We feel this is the right decision even if it impacts our “social media statistics”. We choose lifestyle over the bottom line. We’re okay with that! I hope you continue watching, and if you choose, also to continue supporting. Either way everyone reading this message has a special place in our hearts.

I would love to see your comments and questions so please post below. Don’t be shy!

Peace, Love, and sending lot’s of warm and sunny vibes from Delos to you!

Capt. Brian, Kazza, Senor Brady, and Alex Blue.

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