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How do I get my FREE DELOS GEAR?
If you are a MATE or above you are eligible for your FREE Gear after you support 2 videos! Brian does this at the beginning of every month, assuming we have internet 🙂 . You will receive an email with instructions and your coupon code to use at http://svdelos.com/gear. From there it’s EASY AS MATE!!

How do I get my Patron Family Discount?
Just head to https://svdelos.com/gear, put whatever items you want in your cart, and enter the code “patreonfamily” at checkout! Everything will be priced at our cost, 20% off!

How do I join the Delos Tribal Council Facebook Group?
Head to ​https://www.facebook.com/groups/DelosTribalCouncil and ask to join. Next time we have internet we’ll let you in 🙂

How do the Diving and Sailing Group Events work?
Check https://svdelos.com/delos-tribe/rewards/ for more of the details.

How do the Sail on Delos opportunities work?
Check https://svdelos.com/delos-tribe/rewards/ for more the details.

How do I view or change my subscription?
Just head to https://beer.svdelos.com/dashboard where you can view your contributions or change your contribution.

We didn’t answer your question? Just email us comment on the left or send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll do our best!

Fair Winds, Peace and Love from Delos to You! Capt. Brian, Kazza, Senor Brady, and Alex Blue!

FAQ: Lithium Battery Monitoring, Electrical Repair Kit, and 24V vs 12V DC

This is a series of questions asked by our patrons about Lithium batteries, solar charging, and electrical sailboat items in general. This series of videos covers the following questions: What are some of the heavy draw electrical items on Delos? What can be run directly off the batteries and inverters? What tools, meters, and connectors do we carry on Delos? What resources do we carry for troubleshooting electrical problems? How do we monitor our batteries on Delos? What fridges and freezers can you run off solar and wind? How much does Air conditioning draw, and can we run it off our solar? Do we power our laptops with a DC to DC converter or via the inverter? Is it possible to maintain a 48V battery bank? Is a 24V DC system practical? What are the benefits of a 24VDC system? […]

46 knot SQUALL in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 243

Brady definitely earns some Captain points in this episode! The furler on the Genoa gives out in the dead of the night, right in the middle of a rainy squall which is gusting up to 46 knots!! The squall damages our wind sensor and we have to sail old school through the night by looking at the flags. After getting everything back in working order, we get a little weather lesson from Sean and the crew explores what they miss most while at sea! It can be hard to capture intense sailing moments on Delos at times when it’s all hands on deck, but it was awesome to have Ruben aboard to help capture this experience in detail. We hope you guys feel like you were right there with us! Much love, BB and crew! Subscribe at http://youtube.com/svdelos This is […]

System Overview for solar, wind, and lithium batteries – Electrical Boat Tech

A compete, high level view of the electrical system on a modern cruising sailboat. I put together a gigantic diagram and talk in detail about each component of the system, and how everything interacts to supply the electrical demand on a modern cruising sailboat. Topics covered in this video: 1) A project recap of the installation of our LIFePO4 Lithium Batteries, inverter, battery monitoring system, and switching to electric induction cooking on a sailboat. 2) A complete walk through of the electrical system of a modern cruising boat. Starting at the power sources (wind, solar, hydro, generator, and dock) Brian explains each part of the system and how everything works together. 3) We discuss the role of charge controllers and how important of a role they play. 4) How much power can we generated with wind and solar? 5) Just […]

LOOK what you’re MISSING OUTSIDE! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 242

BEHIND THE SCENES ON INSTAGRAM! @svdelos Squall after squall roll over Delos as we head off the coast of Florida, but despite the windless holes they leave us in- we’re still able to travel 5 knots over ground thanks to the Gulf Stream!! The crew adjusts to life at sea, Ruben struggles with his seasickness, we have to act fast to drop the Gennekar from a sneaky squall, and things start to HEAT UP between Sean and Chia! Often our episodes cover a span of a few days or even a few weeks, but this episode reflects about 24 hours of life of Delos at sea! We hope the good energy on board at this time emulates through the screen, so enjoy Tribe! Much love, BB and crew!

Delos Ditch Kit – What to Bring if the BOAT SINKS! Cruiser University – SV Delos Safety series

FREE Safety Downloads and more – http://svdelos.com/safety What’s in our DITCH KIT!? In this video we go through upgrading our offshore Ditch Kit. Everything we would want to bring with us in a worse case scenario – Delos sinks and we would need to survive on the open ocean in our life raft. Better to be safe than sorry. Let us know what’s in your ditch kit! For a detailed list of all the items please visit https://svdelos.com/safety for links and resources mentioned in this video. Much Love ~ The Delos Crew

SLOW TV – 6.5 HOURS! Florida Canals, SQUALLS and sailing the ATLANTIC OCEAN!

This weeks SLOW TV is truly something special for the Tribe! We hit record on the @gopros just before casting the line to begin our ATLANTIC CROSSING! The first hour or so shows Delos slipping through the Canals of Pompano Beach, just chomping at the bit to make it to the open ocean! We managed to keep this Slow TV recording for almost 7 HOURS and capture a massive squall rolling off the coast and over Delos. We have a lot of fun making these and hope you enjoy putting them on in the background of your work day, chill day, or family time. Much love tribe!

Using Social Media Influence as a Multiplier for Charity- By Brian

Sailing across the Indian Ocean way back in 2015 we listened to a podcast about Tom’s Shoes.  This is one of our favorite indulgences on passage, and it’s a great way to pass the time while we lounge around half asleep to the gentle rocking motion of Delos.  One eye on the horizon and an ear tuned into whatever happens to be playing in the background.  The on watch crew has control of the entertainment, and in this case we were on a marathon session of “How I Built This” by Guy Raz.  The podcast featuring Tom’s Shoes popped up and the story of creating a profitable business that could still have a positive impact on the world rung true with us.  Then and there we decided that we would try and use whatever social media influence we had to […]

Ready to cross the Atlantic Ocean!? Capt. Brady at the helm! EP 241

**Delos BEER KOOZIES now available! www.svdelos.com/gear** After a month at the dock we are ready to do a BIG provision run and check the last items off the to-do list. When then cast the lines and head off into the Atlantic Ocean, next stop Bermuda! BIG THANKS to JIM for letting us take over his house and dock!! Download our provision spreadsheet here – https://svdelos.com/product-category/free-downloads/

AIS or EPIRB on PFD?? Lifevest servicing! Cruiser University – SV Delos Safety Series Part 2

In this BONUS video we show step by step how to service our Mustang inflatable pfd life-vests. We also go through how to add and install a personal locating AIS Man OverBoard device for extra safety. Please visit https://svdelos.com/safety for links and resources mentioned in this video. Much Love ~ The Delos Crew Wanna binge watch? We have 6 seasons of videos going all the way back to the beginning of the adventure- https://svdelos.com/youtube-sailing-videos We’re completely crowd-funded and not beholden to the pressures of advertisers or corporate sponsors. We get to try out and review products without bias, and continue to spread warmth and positivity.  All contributions go directly to support sailing, video editing, and of course a few cold ones to smooth the editing process. Thank you for keeping our videos free and available for everyone! Seriously, you rock. https://svdelos.com/beer […]

THE BOAT IS OURS! MUAHAHA! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 240

After 10 years and 70,000 nautical miles of sailing it’s time for the next chapter… Brian and Karin fly off to sweden to begin the journey of becoming parents while Brady and Blue make plans to Sail Delos across the North Atlantic. We have mixed emotions about the challenges ahead of us and introduce you to our NEW crew, including our DELOS SCHOLARSHIP WINNER! Of course, there are still a ton of things on the to-do list!