A new beginning — posted by Erin

Over the weekend I suffered from a bout of the stomach flu. I’ll spare you the graphic details, but as I was sitting on the cold bathroom floor, awaiting the next onset, I started to think about the cycles in life. (more…)

Annyong! Welcome to our new blog!

Brian and I are starting a blog to keep y’all in the loop about living on our boat and preparing ourselves (and the boat) for a few years at sea. We’ll share with you our plans, progress, frustrations, and general musings.

Our goal is to untie the dock lines on September 1, 2009 and sail down to California and Mexico, and then go where the wind takes us! Keep coming back for updates; we’ll be posting often.

Fear and loathing in Seattle — posted by Erin

As kids, we’re supposed to believe that we can do anything. The old adage, “You can do anything you set your mind to,” grows as familiar as a favorite pair of Levis after hearing it repeated by our teachers, church pastors and, if we’re lucky, our parents. (more…)

Six months to go — posted by Erin

Today is the six-months-to-go-until-we-set-sail-into-the-vast-unknown-called-the-Pacific-Ocean mark. (We might have to come up with a shorter name for that.) It’s hard to believe it’s already March. (more…)


The other night Brian and I went on a midnight photo shoot around the marina. Here’s one of our favorites. (more…)

Two weeks in — posted by Erin

Brian and I are two weeks into a month long exploration of British Columbia. Right now we’re anchored in Garden Bay – one of a group of small bays in Pender Harbor, a few hours north of Vancouver by car. (more…)

San Francisco or Bust!

We departed Shilshole Bay Marina at 6AM and started motoring North towards the Straights of Juan de Fuca. Our F-dock neighbors were kind enough to help us shove off and give us a final farewell. Where else would your neighbors rise at the crack of dawn to see you off? (more…)

Day Three- Columbia River to Coos Bay

Right now we’re about 40 miles North of Coos Bay Oregon and about 45NM away from shore. We haven’t seen land since turning the corner at Cape Flattery on Saturday night. The progress has been steady making 168NM on Saturday and 173NM on Sunday. (more…)

Dude, where’s my prop? By Brian

We crossed under the Golden Gate bridge just after 6AM on Thursday, August 27th. The trip from Seattle took just over 5 days non-stop. Since then we’ve explored the city, gotten busted by a trasit cop for jumping tolls, and saw the Giants get killed at ATT Park right down the street from our marina.


We found the prop! — posted by Erin

We found the propeller! We asked a friend of a friend, Kevin – a professional diver who also sailed his boat down here from Seattle – to set up a search and rescue mission for us… (more…)

A week in Sausalito By Brian

For the last week or so we’ve been tied to a dock at Schoonmaker marina- partly out of convenience and partly out of necessity. With much luck our new friend Kevin was able to dig our lost prop out of the mud of Richards bay in Sausalito. (more…)