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SV Delos added 23 new photos — with Carmen Gee.Tuesday, May 31st, 2016 at 8:10pm
UPDATE FROM REUNION ISLAND! It's been an incredible adventure filled 7 days here :) We aren't getting much sleep and our legs are sore but its been soo worth it! This island is truly a magical place with everything from beautiful beaches to mountains that can get snow! Looking forward to more exploring and getting into the water soon for some diving action :) Spreading the love of this magical place to the Delos tribe around the world!
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SV Delos
SV DelosTuesday, May 31st, 2016 at 2:30am
Our lovely Frida has created a sweet video that will make you understand her unique and talented way of expressing herself! Edited with Max's
wicked tunes! WATCH BELOW :) Also check out her site fallondrin.com for more creative love!
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SV Delos
SV DelosSunday, May 29th, 2016 at 9:45pm
CHECK IT OUT! Brady took some time during our passage to write a little blog :) Hope you enjoy a little glimpse into the past 6 months of our lives. Much Love from us
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SV Delos
SV DelosFriday, May 27th, 2016 at 6:40pm
Bon Jour Delos Tribe! A little Wi-Fi squatting in La Reunion means it's Friday Video Day! Hope you have an awesome weekend and we're sending peace and love from the Indian Ocean :)

SV Delos
73. SV Delos Sailing- In Search Of Wild Elephants
A heard of wild elephants is too hard to pass up for Delos, so when we heard a rumor of an island on the remote West Coast of the Andamans we immediately set...
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SV Delos
SV Delos added 13 new photos — with María Victoria Ruiz.Friday, May 27th, 2016 at 4:02am

Wow, it feels so good to be on Reunion Island in the middle of the Southern Indian Ocean! The passage from South Africa was very challenging but also very rewarding. The Southern Indian Ocean is known as the roughest body of water on the planet but Delos took it well and the new crew kicked ass! Most of the time we had 30+ knots and massive waves. Our spirits were high, we ate well, and became one with the ever changing ocean conditions.

Feels amazing to have started this exciting season with such love and good vibes :D

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Here are some fun facts :)

Miles Sailed: 2100 NM (from port St. Francis, South Africa)
Days at Sea: 15
Fuel used: 300 liters
Number of kilowatt hours by wind and solar: 35kWh (equivelant to 35 hours of generator)
Water used: 1000 liters
Average showers taken per person: 2
Fish caught: 1 beautiful Tuna
Lures Lost: 3
Seasickness pills chowed: 50
Amount of times the crew threw up: 10 times by Carmen
Days hand steering: 4
Amount of hair lost: a ridiculous amount
Average speed: 6.8 kn
Top speed: 14.1 kn
Beers consumed: 5
Highest wind speed: 52kn
Number of times Carmen changed her clothes: 0
Amount of times we checked the weather: 30 times
Accidents: 3 (Brady cut his finger filleting fish, Carmen almost lost her nail in the door, Brian got a kettle with hot water over his back.) Nothing serious though :)
Number of times Dillon made Brady's Bed: 15
Number of times Kiril talked about French girls: 3,254 and counting
Lowest temperature: 6C (43 F)
Highest temperature: 25C (77 F)
Number of books read by crew:15
Furthers point south: 36 degrees Latitude
Things that broke: 5 (Auto pilot, water pipe to bathroom, Genoa furler,
IridiumGO! Sat phone, bow-thruster)
Number of happy sailors: 6
Horses tickled: 0
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