The Delos Diaries: Part 23 “Until we meet again.”

The morning came too soon. Blearily blinking my eyes I curled up closer to Edouard, hoping that we still had time in the morning to enjoy each other’s company. “Good morning,” he said with a smile. “Morning.” I tapped my finger on his chest, nervous for some reason. “Hey… did you mean what you said last night?” He turned to me in surprise. “Of course Elizabeth,” he said sincerely. “You know how I feel about you.” “…Did you still want to meet in September?” He held me tightly. “Of course.” Relief coursed through me and I relaxed. “Oh good,” I murmured with a sleepy smile on my face. “I’ll endeavour to be fluent in French by the time I get there.” “I like the way you talk,” he said. “I do not want you to be fluent in French. I … Continue reading The Delos Diaries: Part 23 “Until we meet again.”