The MAGICAL Island that Chooses YOU! Ilha Anchieta, Brasil – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.174

Welcome to Ilha Anchieta, one of the most magical places we have ever visited! This island, which once acted as the Alcatraz of Brasil, is full of history, crazy characters, and beautiful creatures! There are not many places in the world that remain as naturally intact and protected as this special little island a few miles off the coast of Brasil. Check out the crew as we get to know our buddy Arturo a bit better and make friends with local Capybara’s, monkeys, and anteaters! BRASIL- we love you! So stoked to share this place with the TRIBE Much Love, Blue! View More

Lizbeth’s last day on Delos!….for now! – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 173

Be sure to follow Lizbef’s adventures at! Lisa did an incredible job putting together this beautiful and a bit sad episode! The time has come for Lizbeth to say goodbye to Delos and start her new adventure in France. But before she leaves we have a great last Delos party as a family of six! Loads of laughs, Caipirinhas, singing and some naked swimming in the dark. Then it was time to say the sad goodbye 🙁 Wow Liz it has been a fantastic 6 month, 5000NM and 5 counties together! We Love you!!

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Capturing Castelhanos the WILD SIDE of Ilha Bela- Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 172

Team edit with Leeesir, Killa Kiril, and Capt. Breeyawn! It’s a great mix of personality and beautiful nature! We kick off by celebrating Leesir’s birthday. She wanted to go hiking, but the weather wasn’t cooperating. YEAH says Lizbef 🙂 We end up having a party on Delos instead with lot’s of caipirinha’s followed by a Japanese inspired cooking marathon. YEAH says everyone 🙂 Up next we jump in a Jeep and take a 4×4 trail to the wild side of Ilha Bela, Castelhanos beach, where we encounter the raw beauty of the island and also the largest waterfall, over 70M (200 ft) high! Pretty soon it’s time to set sail for our next destination, so Capt. Breeyawn heads to the local marine store to sort out some parts, where he gets to practice his Portuguese skills with some success.

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We’re gonna get you VERRRYYY DRUUNNKK! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.171

Brazilian CHURRASCO TIME!!! :). We decide to sail Delos to the other side of Ilha Bela, to some cruising grounds that look really sweet on the chart. At our first stop we get eaten alive by man-eating flies known locally as Borrachudos! We flee to another anchorage and take some time to reflect on what it means to live and work on a sailboat. We get an awesome message from some locals that want to host us for our very first Brazilian Churrasco! Not knowing what is in store for us we arrive to find a fridge full of steaks, cold bear, and we proceed to have one hell of a party. Thanks guys!
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Exploring BRAZIL! Waterfalls, bikinis and beaches! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.170

Bikinis and waterfalls in Brazil!! Yep we promised so here you go 🙂 He He! But before we head into the Brazilian jungle to seek out waterfalls…. Our new amigo Felipe drives us to the mainland to attempt checking in. It takes all day to navigate the Federal Police, Customs, and Navy offices but we finally are legally in Brazil with Delos! We get to experience our first Coxinhas and Brazilian street food which is frickin’ delicious. During our after passage clean Mr. Brady “solves” the mystery of the missing voice recorder. Nice try Mr. Brady but we were ahead of you every step of the way 🙂

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